Agility CS 2019 Kaiseraugst

Le championnat suisse d'agility individuel aura lieu le week-end du 19 et 20 octobre 2019 à Kaiseraugst (indoor-agility.ch - dog sports training center).

La CTAMO tient à remercier Hundesport Allschwil pour son implication et sa volonté à organiser le plus grand et le plus important événement national d'agility.

Les juges seront Blaz Oven de la Slovénie et Petr Pupik de la République tchèque.


Blaz Oven

I was born on January, 1992 in Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia.

At the moment I live near Ljubljana, I have Bachelor’s Degree in Computer science and Mathematics and am currently working in Ljubljana as a software engineer.

Dogs are with me for my whole life, but got my first one, border collie, in 2006. Since then I regularly attend competitions in Slovenia and countries around and far from us.  At the moment I compete with three dogs, one border collie and two shetland sheepdogs. I was a member of Slovenian national team for European Championship since year 2010. I participated as a member of national medium team for AWC in 2015 where we were 2nd and in 2017 where we won the gold.

Soon after my beginnings in agility I wanted to see the other side of agility - to become a judge. I fulfilled this goal in summer 2014 when I became judge for agility at Cynological Society of Slovenia. In this 5 years of judging career I judged in 12 countries and in many of them also their qualifications for national team or national championship. I love to set up technical but fast and safe courses.

As I didn’t put Switzerland on my judging map yet, I am really looking forward and it is my pleasure that you will run my courses and I hope you will have fun and I wish you all the best!!


Petr Pupik

Thank you very much for the opportunity to judge Swiss championship, I am really happy about that. It will be my second visit of Switzerland.

First of all I would like to introduce myself. My name is Petr Pupík, I am 34 years old and I live in a small village, Kunice, close to Brno in Moravian part of Czech republic with my wife and two Tollers.

I started doing agility 11 years ago with my Beagle Tim. Now I have 9 year old Jenny and one and half year old puppy Tulla.

I became a judge 6 years ago. In 2017 I judged the Agility World Championship in the Czech Republic. Thanks to this event I have had the opportunity to judge in 23 countries around the world. From all the competitions I have judged I would like to mention the Moravia Open (2017, 2019), Norwegian Open (2016, 2018), Avallon cup (2017), Dania cup (2017), Sextouples Euskadi (2018), Hulahopp Sweden (2018), Hungarian Open (2018) and the tryouts for European Open and Agility World Championship in many countries.

As a judge I like designing and building fast fluent courses with technical parts, on which you can see a real connection between handlers and their dogs.

Thank you very much and I am really looking forward to your championship. I hope, we will enjoy this nice competition together.

L'inscription Agility CS 2019

L'inscription pour l'Agility CS est ouvert le 1.8.2019 au Dashboard.

L'inscription pour le camping se fait via le site Internet de l'organisateur: Hundesport Allschwil

es questions et les réponses plus importantes à l'Agility CS 2018 ont été résumées dans ce document Q&A

Ici tu trouve la liste des inscription: Liste d'inscription Agility CS 2019

Les changements les plus importants depuis derniers championnats suisses:

  • Comme d'habitude, les parcours de qualification auront lieu le samedi. Pour les deux jumpings du matin, le terrain de compétition est divisé (2 ring). Les deux agility ont lieu l'après-midi sur tout le terrain de compétition (1 ring).
  • Les finales auront lieu le dimanche. D'abord les jumpings, puis les agility. Ils se dérouleront également sur tout le terrain de la compétition. Comme d'habitude, le dernier parcours sera pour la catégorie Large.
  • Pour des raisons d’organisation, aucun parcours n’est proposé aux non-finalistes le dimanche.
  • Les frais d’inscription sont réduits de 30 francs et sont donc de 90 francs pour tous les participants du CS 2019.
    Les frais d’inscription doivent être versés directement à Hundesport Allschwil: Hundesport Allschwil - c/o Frau Renate Hofmann - Herrenweg 101 - CH-4123 Allschwil - Basellanschaftliche Kantonalbank BLKB - CH75 0076 9037 5497 5200 1 - remarque SM2019 - numero de licence

Agility CS 2018 Münsingen

Les champions suisses Agility 2018

1. Jeannine Gloor & T-late
2. Fabienne Charmillot & Emma
3. Irene Bannwart & Bailey

1. Silvan Zumthurn & Sloane
2. Simone Abplanalp & Dejiu
3. Claudia Schwab & Mylo

1. Sandra Loosli & Lane
2. Nicole Steiner & Twin
3. Lilian Arras & Arrow

Classements: http://sm2018.swissdogarena.ch

Communiqué de presse de la SCS

Agility CS 2017 Münsingen

Les champions suisses Agility 2017

1. Barbara Kaiser & Capri
2. Lisanna Mozetti & Alba
3. Marco Gander & Julie

1. Manuela Pfister & Giny
2. Manuela Eichenberger & Win
3. Mirjam Ehrat & Flynn

1. Silvan Zumthurm & Penny
2. Philippe Cottet & Hype
3. Tanja Fähndrich & Phoenix

Classements: http://sm2017.swissdogarena.ch

Communiqué de presse de la SCS

Agility CS 2016 Fräschels

Les champions suisses Agility 2016

1. Evelyne Hunkeler & Lenny
2. Jeannine Gloor & T-late
3. Marco Gander & Julie

1. Claudia Schwab & Mylo
2. Simone Abplanalp & Deiju
3. Florian Cerny & Suki

1. Irène Mauroux & Adrenaline
2. Evi Vorburger & Byra
3. Silvan Zumthurm & Fleece

Classements: http://www.agility-sm2016.ch

Communiqué de presse de la SCS

Agility CS 2015 Oberriet

Les champions suisses Agility 2015

1. Claudia Schwab & Sheltie "Jet"
2. Sandro Matter & Papillon "Dune"
3. Marco Gander & Parson Russell "Julie"

1. Florian Cerny & Sheltie "Suki"
2. Ira Bertini & Sheltie "Haska"
3. Matthias Bickel & Sheltie "Rijon"

1. Silvan Zumthurm & Border Collie "Caly"
2. Lillian Arras & Border Collie "Joker"
3. Jennifer Boeufvé & Australian Shepherd "Newton"

Classements sur http://www.agility-sm2015.com

Communiqué de presse de la SCS

Agility CS 2014 Lengnau

Les champions suisses Agility 2014

1. Martin Eberle & Sheltie „Eyleen“
2. Claudia Schwab & Sheltie „Jet“
3. Evelyne Hunkeler & Jack Russell Terrier „Lenny“

1. Letizia Grunder & Mudi „Nomade“
2. Martin Eberle & Sheltie „Kayo“
3. Karin Schmiege & Mischling „Shanty“

1. Martin Eberle & Border Collie „French“
2. Jeannine Gloor & Border Collie „U2“
3. Lillian Arras & Border Collie „Joker“

Classements sur www.agility-sm2014.ch

Communiqué de presse de la SCS